Today I am Thankful for Close Friends

Marian and I
Marian and I

One of the best parts of living in Ireland is having someone from home so close by. Marian lives in Belfast, Northern Ireland, a mere two and a half hours via bus from Dublin.  She grew up in Roanoke, Alabama which is forty-five minutes from my hometown of Carrollton, Georgia, but we did not meet until Freshmen year at Auburn University.  We sat next to each other in Anthropology; however, me being the wonderful student that I was, I dropped the class midway through, but we stayed in touch.  Marian and I each received degrees in history and loved every minute of it! This chick is all kinds of smart and is a Mitchell Scholar. This means that she got the amazing opportunity to further education in Leadership for Sustainable Rural Development at Queens University in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Whenever either one of us is in need of a home-fix, we call each other up and talk about college or our hometowns or our shared love of grits. This weekend is one of those weekends where we just want to curl up on the couch and think about the South.

I’ll be spending another glorious weekend in this amazing city. Belfast is one probably my favorite cities in all of Europe. I wrote my Senior Thesis on this beautiful place (if you ever want to read it, just let me know!) Be on the lookout tomorrow as she and I go hiking in County Down.  I will be posting another Walk n Talk video tomorrow, but the location is still a secret! Get excited!

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