No One Talks About This

I’ve been in Ireland for five months now and truly love it. It’s a great experience! I have lots of fun and friends and work is going well. But there is something that no one prepared me for, something that I can honestly say I in no way thought about.


It’s real. And it’s a problem.

Ireland is slightly cooler than my home. I am from Georgia, a southern state with bellow freezing temps to hellishly hot weather. Today back home it was 65 degrees. (Yes, I am American, and I believe in Fahrenheit. Come at me.) Here in not so sunny Ireland, it’s a cool but not freezingly cold 47 degrees ish (give or take 5 either way). That’s really not terrible, but it comes at a cost.

Shaving my legs has become a thing of World War III magnitude, an ensuing battle between leg hairs and cold temperatures.  Our shower is run by an electric heater so there is plenty of warm water, but I live in a Georgian Housethat was built roughly 300 years ago.  There is no insulation in the walls, the doors and windows leak arctic air into the house, and there is no and I mean ZERO central heating.  Our bathroom is left to the temperature of whatever it feels like. And about 97% of the time, it feels cold.

So when I get a shower and shave my legs, I step out of the warm steam induced corner I created and into a world that feels like the Arctic Circle (Trust me, I’ve been there! ). My leg hairs grow back in an instant. It’s the most frustrating thing on the entire planet! I know we were blessed with the natural ability to grow a fur like substance to keep ourselves insulated, but dammit, I don’t want to have to go through a pack of razors a week!

Luckily, Irish fashion allows me to wear black tights to work everyday, so when I skip a day or two in the battle that is goosebumps, no one knows. (Except now it would seem that I have told the world.) Either way, this situation cannot be solved. It is a battle which frankly, the climate will win.  I am merely a bystander hoping and praying for warmer temperatures sooner than later.

9 thoughts on “No One Talks About This

  1. I’m a fahrenheit girl as well 🙂 And, what’s with the lack of insulation in like every country…I have the same issue in China. I have to wear loads of socks because the floor is always ice cold!

  2. I just laughed out loud at work at the thought of the hairs immediately growing back! Dutch bathrooms also tend to be freezing – even in otherwise fancy places – so I feel ya on this problem, although mine is of a slightly different variety. I guess I have goosebumps that are unwilling to recede at a normal rate so that EVERY SINGLE shaving session ends in an inevitable bloodbath. Not quite the luxurious experience I used to consider it back in my warm insulated bathrooms in North America :p

    1. Haha! I’m glad you can relate!! It’s a very real problem that most of us living/traveling abroad have to face, and no one ever actually talks about it. I’m sorry that your goosebumps are so stubborn. :/ I guess you have a good stock of band aids (or “plasters” as the Irish say).

  3. You take me back to when I stayed in a flat like that in London….eeek! in saying that, with a toddler running around causing havoc, my showers are so quick that shaving is such a luxury to me, also like washing my hair… every couple of days? You’re doing well! 🙂 But not envying you the freezing draughty bathrooms!

    1. Thanks!! I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve learn a trick to keep the room warmish. Plug the tub and let it fill while I shower. That makes the room steam more! WARMTH!! 😀 But I don’t know what it’s like to shower with a two year old running around. That’ll be another experience later in life!

  4. What an ordeal shaving your legs. Guess you’ll enjoy the shower when you return to the states. I laughed until I creid at your office experience and this one. Sorry I missed your call. I

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