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Grey Clouds, Rainbows, and Harps


Take a good look at this photo. In this one image, you can see three things Ireland is well-known for.

1. Grey clouds.

It rains all the time. All. The. Time. Expect rain everyday, and when is isn’t raining, you better get off your butt and go outside! Grey clouds hang overhead constantly threatening to unload on the earth below.  The clouds move at a slow pace across the sky breaking occasionally to show the blue sky we all love.

2. Rainbows.

It wouldn’t be right if a country that saw rain all the time wasn’t rewarded with a rainbow or two now and then.  Ireland is well-known for the colorful rainbows that follow rain.

3. The Harp Bridge.

The Harp has been an important part of Irish tradition since the 17th century and has been used to signify rebellion, coat of arms, and a good time.  Today, the harp is most commonly recognized on a can or glass of Guinness. Maybe next time you have a pint, you’ll know why there is a golden harp on your glass!


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