Top Five Most Memorable Travel Moments

Canyoning – Interlaken, Switzerland

1. Canyoning in Switzerland. Summer 2012. Strapped down in wet suits, boots, a life jacket, and a helmet, we set off on a two-hour trek through the Swiss Alps.  Jumping off cliffs, repelling down water falls, and riding the river were just a few of the things we did.  Y’all, I am terrified of heights.  This was huge.  If you ever make it to Interlaken and want to do adventure stuff, make sure to Check Out These Guys for an awesome time!

Dog Sle
Dog Sledging in Tromso, Norway

2. Dog Sledging in Norway. Winter 2014. Five sweet Alaskan Huskies pulled our sledge on a two-hour tour of the Lyngen Alps. The sounds alone the sledge made as it skid across the snow was worth the trip.  The moon was bright enough that we could see the outline of the surround mountains in a strange black, grey, and white.  The clouds above turned a mystic green color as the Northern Lights took over the sky behind them. Tour in Lyngen Alps is the perfect company for family friendly adventures in Tromso, Norway.

On the Subway in New York City
On the Subway in New York City

3. Riding the Subway in NYC. Winter 2004. When I was thirteen years-old, my giant family took a trip to the Big Apple, and it was one of the most interesting trips I’ve been on.  I remember being dog tired at the end of the day because my Papa only wanted to move from Point A to Point B as quickly as possible.  The Subway was our best friend until that Friday afternoon around 5:00pm.  One of my cousins had his baby girl with him in a stroller.  The fifteen of us Southerners tried to cram into the came car with a stroller along with the angry just-off-work-and-wanna-get-homers.  To say the least, we got a lot of stares.

Womens USA vs France Olympic Game - Glasgow, Scotland
Womens USA vs France Olympic Game – Glasgow, Scotland

4. Women’s USA vs France Olympic Soccer Match in Scotland. Summer 2012. Growing up as a kid, I always looked forward to the Olympics.  Like many other people, I wanted to be one of those Americans in the stands at a foreign Games.  I wanted to cheer on my countrymen as they competed for medals.  The 2012 Olympic Games took place in London, and they spread the events out across the UK.  The women’s soccer matches took place in Glasgow, Scotland.  I just so happened to be studying abroad that Summer in Stirling, Scotland, an easy one hour train ride away.  Words cannot express how it felt to watch USA beat France in that game, and to know that I had achieved another one of my many dreams.

Redwood National Forest
Redwood National Forest

5. Avenue of the Giants – Redwood National Forest. Summer 2013. Many American children are raised listening to the song This Land is Your Land and hears the line “From the Redwood Forest, to the gulf stream waters,” but never have the chance to the giants that inhabit Northern California.  These trees are massive, the tallest trees on Earth! Six of my family member and myself all fit inside the base of one of the trees with more than enough room to get comfy and settle down. This part of the US is a true wonder, and I highly recommend everyone who can, to make a trip to Crescent City, California to check out these beauties.

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  1. you have traveled a lot in your lifetime and I feel like there will be more. Nana

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