The One Item that Makes Me Feel at Home


My Auburn blanketis the one object that makes me feel at home.  Lauren Cooper (then Higgins anmy roommate) gave me this blanket for my birthday freshmen year of college.  It’s been with me ever since.

I graduated from Auburn University Fall 2012, exactly 59 ½ yearsafter my Papa, “big” Morgan Cantrell. Auburn has been a major part of our family since he first walked the Plains Fall of 1949.  Several of my family members attended Auburn University, but even more of us went to the football games. Our blood doesn’t run red (and it certainly does NOT run crimson); no, it runs orange and blue.  My Auburn blanket reminds me of that bond that our family shares.  And yes, I did stay up until 5:00am on several occasions this past season to watch my team play. 

War Eagle!!



4 Replies to “The One Item that Makes Me Feel at Home”

  1. Nice to have things that remind us of home when we’re far from it. I’m from Columbus, GA. Your post reminds me of home a little (though I’m a UGA girl, myself).


      1. Shut up! My parents are from Carrollton, and I went to west ga college for 2 years before transferring to Ga. That’s nuts. Now I feel like eating at the lazy donkey!


      2. That is crazy!!!!!!!!!! I miss Mexican food, and I miss it bad. They don’t do cheese dip here. It’s the most unfortunate thing…


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