St. Andrews, Scotland

Miss Procrastination

It all started in the 1st grade with my desk placed under the blackboard with a timer on it.  If my work was not completed before the timer dinged, I got in trouble.  The thrill of procrastinating until the final buzzer only grew as I grew older.  Throughout high school, I completed weeklong projects in a matter of hours the night before it was due.  In college, I camped out at the 24-hour Starbucks, high on coffee, jamming to the music in my ears, all the while bringing forth new-found thought processes on the times and people before us (History major).  The day my Senior Thesis (the paper that secured my ability to graduate or not) was due, I was on campus pounding away on my keyboard.  If I remember correctly, I churned out the last seven pages with about forty-five minutes remaining before the thesis was due.  Cutting it close? Nah, I graduated.

Absolutely nothing has changed.  Here I am sitting on my bed in Dublin, Ireland dreading the idea of constructive writing, but anticipating the thrill of last-minute, fingers flying, coffee educed prose that will happen later tonight.  I want to complete the expat blog challenge (Good grief. It’s only day two and I’m already putting it off) and do it well!! But, why would I ever divert from my ways? Either way, I will produce today’s entry.  It’s a response to Tolkien’s “Not all who wander are lost.” Be on the lookout!!

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