The View from Where I Write

I’ve developed the love of writing from the safety and comfort of my bed.  Here in this space, I am queen.  From this space, I have complete dominion over the mess that is before my eyes.  I am not dirty; I am messy.  There is a difference. I don’t always put my shoes away at the end of the day, and I have a habit of leaving my clothes in two piles: the clean pile and the dirty pile.  The piles vary in size depending on the weather, time of week, and quite simply how lazy I’ve been.  Presently, my room is fairly clean.


The attached picture is the view above my laptop.  The mirror and the curtains were purchased about a month after moving into my apartment.  The guy who lived here before me took back the curtains he LEFT. Rude. Suitcases are stored in the corner.  Two giant cases and two carry-on cases are ready to travel the world and to move me back to the States.  Shoes. Lots and lots of shoes.  I have four pairs of heels, two chucks, five flats, two knee-high boots, three ankle boots, and runners (tennis shoes for those of you back home). The thing is, I wear them all. Really I do! The five-tier dresser is really only a four-tier because the top drawer is missing the bottom.  Atop the dresser sits my makeup, medicine, jewelry, toiletries, and the Iron Bowl sign my friends and I created.  War Eagle!!!

On the floor is my clotheshorse.  Upon my arrival at this apartment, I learned there was not a dryer.  Dryers aren’t very popular in Ireland unfortunately, so we must dry our clothes on clotheshorses. In our den sits two huge clotheshorses were we keep our big clothes.  I’m a fairly shy person about my undies and refuse to hang them in the den for everyone and their brother to see.  Luckily, the guy who lived here before left a small clotheshorse which I use to dry my undies, socks, tights, etc.  Immediately beside the clotheshorse is my wardrobe.  Narnia isn’t in the back. I’ve checked.  It is odd though to have a “wardrobe” and not a “closet”. Growing up in the states, I was accustomed to the idea of a separate room type thing reserved solely for my clothes.

What is not in the image is the desk left of my bed, the side table, and the rack on the back of my door.  Each of these items houses my stuff.  And by stuff I mean tissues, books, power jacks, coats, scarves, superglue, chocolate, etc.  If you can think of it, it’s probably scattered in one of those three places.

I’ve become quite fond of this room.  It isn’t the one I grew up with, but I couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere else in Ireland.

7 thoughts on “The View from Where I Write

  1. Wonderful blog!! I would love to take such an adventure as this! Shucks though, I have a mortgage, and I live alone with 3 pets. Maybe someday I can still do it 😉

  2. Where are you in Ireland exactly? Well, OK I don’t need your address, just a wee bit of a whereabouts. I’m selling my big lovely home in California. I’m scared I’m going to wind up in a tiny closet space with ET on one side and a bed on the other. I do have a housemate. THAT is a great start. And yes, if all you have is a house with no one to come home to…. SELL IT!!! Please email me on my blog if you would??! Slainte!

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