The Thing I Miss Most Right Now

Living in Ireland has some great perks, but it also has some terrible flaws. The fact that I don’t have a car is honestly my number one complaint. I miss my car, my beautiful, silver, 2012 Ford Escape.

Missing my car is limited to the fact that I miss having the convenience of driving where I need to go. For instance, today I know I need to go to the ATM and take out money for rent and bills.  If I were home, all I would need to do is grab my keys, drive to the ATM drive through, and get the money, all while never leaving the warmth and comfort of my car. But not in Ireland. Nope. I have to put on REAL pants (not my pjs), boots, a hat, raincoat, grab my umbrella, walk the ten minutes to the ATM, wait in the queue (oh my god there is nothing worse than an ATM queue in the rain), pray that the ATM isn’t stupid and decided to be “out of order” when you finally get to it, take my money in broad daylight on a main road, hope I don’t get mugged, and then make the ten minute walk back home.

It would also be nice to have the ability to drive to get my food. I miss Krystal’s y’all. I miss Taco Bell. I miss drive through windows at fast food places. It’s another ten-minute walk to the nearest McDonalds, Burger King, or KFC. It is nice that I burn a few calories on the way to getting these foods, but gah, I just want to drive there!! Lazy American status right here! Long hair, don’t care. Sometimes, you just need that greasy American fast food to make it through the week.

I couldn’t drive over here though. The Irish drivers are nuts. They are horn crazy, real life speed racers, and down right dangerous. Not to mention they drive on the other side of the car, other side of the road, and the dominant type of car here is a stick shift, which I don’t know how to drive.  I’ll just stick to walking and my every now and then complaint.

I know I sound like a cliche American right now, but that is ok. I have been away from home for four months and have the right to complain, at least every now and then that is.  Days like today (the really wet and rainy ones) are the days I miss my car the most.  Like I said, I miss having the convenience of driving, not so much the gas bill part. I’ll be home eventually, and I will start to wonder why we drive half a mile to our destination when that is just an easy ten-minute walk. Until then though, man I miss my car.

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