The Process of Impulsively Booking a Trip

The Dream:  I have always wanted to see the Northern Lights, and while I in Norway, I will have the best chance. The Northern Lights is a magical experience, or so I have been told. The idea of watching a mystic green light dance across the night sky to no music sounds incredible. I have to see it before my time on earth is finished.

The Thought Process:  The price of flying to Tromso from Oslo was the only thing holding me back.  It was in no way a bad price! I just didn’t want to fork over the money for it when I could go on another trip later for the same amount of money. Not only will I have to pay for the plane ticket, but also a place to stay, food, transportation, and whatever other activities I do while on top of the world.  This little trip would get expensive fast. BUT it could be my only chance ever to get above the Artic Circle. Sooooo….

The Longing:  Man, I really want to but I shouldn’t.  So, I’m gonna use my big girl judgment and save the money for another trip.

The Late Night Decision: While on FaceTime with a friend last night, I was convinced that this could be the only time I ever get the chance to chance the Northern Lights. The only time I may actually get above the Artic Circle. The only opportunity to go dogsledding. Why WOULDN’T I do it?! Of course I have to go! I have to! Booking plane ticket from Oslo to Tromso! **This decision took place around 3am Dublin time. It was WAY passed my bedtime, and if you watch How I Met Your Mother at all, then you know that NOTHING GOOD HAPPENS AFTER TWO AM!!**

The Bliss:  Immediately following purchase of said plane ticket, I felt elated, so excited, pumped, thrilled. I couldn’t contain myself. I’m gonna go chase those Northern Lights!! I’m gonna go dogsledding! I’m gonna go to the literal top of the world!!!!

The Dream: A green light dances above my head to the sound of laughter and barking. Snow swooshes everywhere covering me from head to toe, but I am not cold. I am living and loving life. It is perfect. It is the dream.

The Morning After: Crap. I bought a plane ticket to Tromso last night. Crap. Crap!! Now I have to find a place to stay! And actually research the town and real time prices of stuff.  Ahh!!! Crap!

The Stress and Panic:  a;sldkfja;lsfhalkdsn;alskfmaslkfja;sofnajfhs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE TO FIND A PLACE TO SLEEP!!!!

The Slight Relief: Once I booked a hotel, a peace of mind came over me. Everything else will fall into place. I will pick the perfect combo tour of dogsledding and Northern Light chasing. I will eat only chips, chocolate, and coffee for 24 hours but will be fine. It will be ok.

The Realization: I am going to Tromso, Norway. I am going above the Artic Circle. I will go dogsledding and chase the Northern Lights. I will live my dream.

The Excitement: Can it be February yet?!

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