That Time the Rain Won

Irish Rain: 1 Morgan and Jacquie: 0. Jacquie and I went shopping today and left the stores with several bags. Ireland is Eco friendly and gives you paper bags. After shopping she and I decided to go see Anchorman 2. We knew that the forecast called for rain, but the weather man is often wrong so we took a chance. Wrong move. Jacquie and I left the theater to make the 10 minute walk to my house in crazy driving Irish ran. Our umbrellas died, the wind destroyed our hair, and the bags exploded. The lovely paper bags that Ireland gives you are not in any way water proof. She and I were walking down the street as one bag after another slowly ripped into pieces letting all of our brand new stuff tumble to the wet ground. We yelled, “Nooo!” and tried to salvage everything. By the time we got to my street, we had an assortment of items in our hands all the while bending to retrieve fallen stuff left and right. She and I were saved by an extremely nice Asian lady who have us a giant Ikea bag to put our stuff in to make it up the street. The bag was dumped on my floor and we began to separate everything into hers an mine. Jacquie now has to walk to the bus stop looking like a hobo with a giant bag full of stuff and my room is scattered with items hanging to dry. Ireland, you win this time. 

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