Im Gonna Miss

I’m gonna miss that build up on Christmas Eve. I’m gonna miss the congregation coming together for Christmas Eve service to remember the coming of Christ to this world. I’m gonna miss heading over to my Aunt’s house where several of my relatives will be. I’m gonna miss chasing the little kids around the house while the “grown ups” get the food ready. All those burgers, baked beans, fried chicken, cake, banana pudding. I’m gonna miss the excitement of the little ones tearing open their gifts and then playing with the boxes instead. I’m gonna miss the fight to go to bed. I’m gonna miss going to the tree in the middle of the night with my sister to see how big the pile is. I’m gonna miss crawling into my parents bed like the inner seven year old I am. I’m gonna miss that Christmas morning breakfast. Scrambled eggs, grits, sausage balls, pigs in a blankets, bacon, home made biscuits, etc. I’m gonna miss going to church on Christmas Day singing the Hallelujah Chorus because Christ has been born. I’m gonna miss hopping in the car and riding to one of my grandparents where we do it all over again. Presents, food, singing, laughing, talking, playing.  I’m gonna miss the full to the brim feeling you get on Christmas.  Full of food, laughter, family, love. I’m gonna miss the utter exhaustion that comes at the end of such an eventful day.

I am going to miss Christmas.

And it’s absolutely breaking my heart.

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