We’ve All Been There

I board the train back home after a long day of work. I take a seat across a lady in a red coat with earmuffs. She is reading her Bible and making notations in the margins. Props! Praisin Jesus on the train! She and I smile at one another as I sit down. A few moments later, she pulls out of her Bible a pamphlet and speaks.

Presumably Nice Bible Lady: Would you like to hear about the end of times?

I look at the pamphlet. It has a black background with flames.

Me: Oh, I’m not going there! I’m gonna go to Heaven. Thanks though!

Nice Bible Lady takes back the pamphlet and nods. Out of curiosity, I question her.

Me: Ma’am, what church do you go to?

Nice Bible Lady: I am a Jehovah’s Witness.

Oh shit.

Me: Oh! Ok, cool.

Jehovah’s Witness: And yourself?

Me: I’m a Baptist.

“Nice” Bible Now Jehovah’s Witness Lady doesn’t say anything but looks back at her Bible and smirks.


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