First Full Day in Dublin

First full day in Dublin.

Yesterday was a whirl wind.  After both of my flights were delayed, I got a cab ride right to my hostel. Same hostel I stayed in last summer.  Real cool place.  Aside from the abnormally large and oval shaped spiral staircase.  Just like last summer, my room is on the 4th floor. Bah. It’s a leg workout just to walk up and down the stupid things.

After I got myself settled ish, I had coffee with Heather, one of the girls I’ve  met through Facebook. She’s doing the same program I am, USIT.  We talked about stuff I should expect, do, think, etc.  She said that I should go to Fitzgerald’s, a pub downtown, where all the USIT kids go and that I would meet a bunch of people there.

Went, and made friends! 4 of us were from the States.  The other 3 girls were on the other side of the table.  I was surrounded by Canadian, Germans, a Moroccan, and an Egyptian.  I heard SO many different languages none of which I spoke.  All of that on top of my jet lag served for a massive headache. I didn’t stay out long. Went back to the hostel and fought the hostel shower.

Now, I don’t know if you know what a hostel shower is like, but its something like this:  warm water coming out of the showerhead  in either a small trickle or a waterfall (no choice for either.  just happens). To make said water come out, one must push a button. Now, this button give you a grand total of about 30 second to wash and rinse your whole body. to continue said water coming forth to cleanse yourself, you must continually press the button. I have stayed in worse hostels, do not get me wrong.  But there is not much worse after a long day of traveling than to get into a hostel shower and fight it for water.

Woke up in the middle of the night. Thank you jet lag.

Today was orientation. They through a lot of information at me about all of the things I have to do.  Tax forms, PPS forms, W12 stuff.  I dont even know what to do.  First thing I have to do is get an Irish phone.  Before, I have to actually find the charger for the dinky phone. Off to search the hostel for it :/

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