Where I’ve Been

I’ve hit five regions of the States thanks to countless family road trips.

SouthEast : Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Florida, Arkansas, West Virginia

NorthEast : New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania

Midwest : Illinois, Ohio, Michigan

North West : Oregon, Washington

South West : Arizona, California

We even made a bee-line for the Canadian border on one of our many road trips! Hung out in the Great White North for the day.

I’ve been blessed to go to Europe three times.

The first time was in 2005. About 15 middle school aged kids and around 10 adults boarded a planed headed for Germany. Throughout the next 10 days, we visited the Germany, Belgium, Holland, France, and England.  It was a whirlwind of an adventure, but it fueled the fire for more trans-Atlantic travels!

Summer 2012 was the summer I studied abroad in Stirling, Scotland. Two months were spent drinking, studying, and traveling Europe. Added to my list of countries visited was Scotland, Ireland, and Switzerland.

Fall 2013 I moved to Ireland and set out on a year long life abroad with travels intertwined.  At present, I have traveled to Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Holland, England, France, and Israel!

There is no way I’m finished traveling. I want to take a few years before I settle down with a man and have kids to travel the world. Keep checking back for a longer list! 🙂