About Me

I’m a travel addict and chocoholic. A twenty-something American girl figuring things out and slowly traveling the world.

War Eagle!!!!

Hezekiah’s Tunnel – Jerusalem, Israel

My life has been one adventure after another, and I just finished a Working Holiday Authorization in Dublin, Ireland. I’m currently back in the States looking for my next adventure!

The first time I traveled outside of the United States was in 2005 when I was thirteen – a doe eyed Southern girl who had never been out of America.  We went to five countries in ten days – Germany, Holland, Belgium, France, and England.  When I arrived back home, I told my parents, “I want a burger, and when can I go back?”

I didn’t get back to Europe until seven years later in summer 2012.  That summer study abroad in Stirling, Scotland was my first experience living in another country. For two months, me and a bunch of other American kids tromped across Europe, drinking beer, and going to class on occasion.  But study abroad wasn’t enough.

I moved to Ireland in September 2013 after a roller coaster of a year. If you would like to know the specifics of the reason then click here! I had a Working Holiday Authorization which was good for one year, and it gave me the right to work in Ireland and freedom to travel all over Europe.  It was perfect!

I’ve been searching for the ultimate path in my life.  Plan? No, I don’t have one, but that’s not stopping me.

Things You Should Know About Me::

Brussels, Belgium
Brussels, Belgium

Name: Morgan Cantrell

Birthday: August 29

Home State: Georgia

College: Auburn University

Loves: Arctic Monkeys, Dr. Horrible, sarcasm, and John Wayne

Hates: Horror films, spiders, and smacking when people eat