7 Must-See Odd Attractions in London

Guest author, Henry Will, has written a fantastic article about the seven must-see odd attractions in London. I’ve been to London three times, and I can honestly say that I’ve never done any of the things listed below! BUT NOW I WANT TO!! I’ll be in London in February and I hope to make it to some of these spots. Thank you Henry for such a great article!!

London is full of countless travel destinations. But a real hardcore wanderer wants to explore something extraordinary. Yes, the odd ones! And this is where London pops up with its oodles of uncommon but beautiful travel destinations that deserve equal appreciation.

Here are 7 most uncommon London attractions that would make your London tour worth visiting.

  1. London Roman Baths

The Roman Baths in London is one of the finest historic sites in Northern Europe and most popular tourist destinations in UK. Being run by the Heritage Services section of Bath & North East Somerset Council, it attracts around one million visitors a year. During your walk through to Roman baths, you will see four main features including- the Sacred Spring, the Roman Temple, the Roman Bath House and finds from Roman Bath. Moreover, you can make your day by having a cool interaction with colourful costumed characters. Some of them are award-winning children’s audioguide whom you can meet in the flesh. For more details, visit official website.

  1. Speaker’s Corner

Near Marble Arch Tube Station, on every Sunday morning, you can hear the chanting of preach in Hyde Park corner. Also, there are free speeches at Speaker’s Corner that one can enjoy during their visit.

Get treated with free hugs and informative invader news. Since Lenin and Karl Marx have spoken here, you may find someone worth listening to or you might want to stimulate your hissing dexterity.

  1. Sir John Soane’s Museum

When it comes to the public museums in London, the Resident of Sir John Soane, an architect of the Bank of England is the ultimate place to visit on. There are approx 20, 000 relics and architectural drawings including- Egyptian Sarcophagus of Seti, Piranesi, Canaletto, and the Museum of Sir John Soane.

  1. Postman’s Park

The Postman’s Park is a popular spot as the Lunch Spot with the numbers of workers from the General Post Office located nearby. Now it houses the remarkable Watts Memorial, a colonnade of varnished tablets venerating disastrous deeds of gallantry. It’s the most beautiful places in the city you ever get a chance to explore.

  1. Hunterian Museum

For those who are not squeamish, the Hunterian Museum is an ideal spot to head on. It’s having a wonderful collection of the body parts that have been preserved in the Glass jars. You can find different genitals of Churchill and mammals along with the digestive tracts of the lampreys, horses, and humans.

  1. Queen Elizabeth Hunting Lodge

Have you ever thought how it feels to be a Tudor? If not then Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge will allow you to become a Tudor for a day. Learn Tudor cookery or the basic skills of joinery. Dress up in the ruffs and doublets, or try out the replica of crossbow.

  1. Horniman Museum

Though it’s out of the central London, but you can find the Horniman Museum through a short train ride from the London Bridge. The museum was founded by Frederick Horniman who was a tea trader and brought together the captivating artefacts during his voyage. Spend your free day out by seeing the acclaimed aquarium and natural history collection.

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