Fun Things to Do at Night in San Francisco

Are you heading to San Francisco anytime soon? Will you been looking into fun things to get into? Well look no further than this list right here! Guest Blogger, Amber Clark, has compiled a list of four fun things to do at night in San Francisco.


If it is San Francisco then there are hundreds of things happening at night, and even though there are so many events going on, it gets quite difficult to know where to go and what to do. The purpose of writing this article is to help you understand the night life of San Francisco (SF).

I was 25 years old when I landed up in San Francisco with some of my girlfriends, and, we had a blast! I am hopeful, you too, after finishing this seven minute reading will know exactly where to go and what to expect at nights in San Francisco.

See The Gorgeous Lights Around The City from A Tower

Painted Ladies - Alamo Square, San Francisco

We were lucky enough to be in SF in the month of September since the de Young Museum remains open till late from the end of March to the end of November. Conversely, at any other time of the year, the de Young Museum and its observatory tower close by 5:15 pm. So, I reckon, it is a good idea to travel in San Francisco anytime between March to November as most of the places remain open for business. When we went to the museum, entry to the tower was free. It was a beautiful Friday night when we got lucky to get a spectacular view of the city lights. Since it was a clear day, we managed to get few partial views of the Golden Gate Bridge. It was splendid and absolutely unforgettable serene experience of our lives.

Check The Longest Running Musical Revue

Beach Blanket Babylon Blvd.

Personally speaking, I am not so much into cabaret and such variety shows; however, I could not have missed this saucy and exclusively San Franciscan Beach Blanket Babylon’s 40th year celebrations. Apparently, they claim to be the longest-running musical variety show in the history of theaters. Believe me, the claim is not exaggerated, and I can say this with zero level of diffidence since I went in and saw them perform. Well, it’s sort of where public celebrities, pop music icons and dubious celebrities are all loosely tied together backed by a Snow White tale. In my opinion, I think it is just another medium to poke fun at well-known figures such as Hillary Clinton, Lady Gaga, and British Royal Family and alike. I would give a thumbs-up to the revue!

Chinatown And Little Italy At Nights

China Town

Do you know that San Francisco is believed to be home to the highest number of Chinese immigrants in the whole of the USA? If not, neither did I? But it’s true. And, therefore, it makes more sense to go and visit the Chinatown especially at nights. There are several San Francisco custom tours that get organized in the city. Just Google these tours and you will know exactly when and where do they take place. The one that we went was on a special engagement tour that fully narrated Little Italy, Chinatown and Waterfront Segway Tour. We got to see the amazing night view of San Francisco skyline and the Ferry building. It was a small tour group fetching us personal experience, which was indeed unforgettable!

San Francisco Night Tour Of Alcatraz Island

Alcatraz Island San Francisco

It will be really weird if you don’t get to see Alcatraz Island in the San Franciscan Bay. And, unfortunately, there are many tourists who, in reality, don’t get to see the island solely due to non-availability of ferry and entrance tickets to the island. It’s true; Alcatraz Island is one of the most highly visited islands on earth, which makes it amazingly popular and difficult to visit especially during tourist season. So how do you make sure that you don’t miss out the visiting the island? We went straight to the most popular San Francisco guided tour that promised us to help us get the tickets and provide us with the best bets for our buck! The night tour is very creepy, leaves in the late afternoon. We spent almost two to three hours on the island, and it was notoriously windy and foggy.

San Francisco is a wild, enthralling and a world-class city. The nightlife, in particular, should not be missed. The city will help you let loose and groove on like there is no tomorrow.

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Hi, I am Amber Clark. Traveling excites me and this is the only thing I am passionate about. Since a couple of months, I have been living a homeless life and believe me I am loving it.


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