Days Gone Bye

I logged into my WordPress account today to find that my subscription runs out in about a month. When I read that, I was in disbelief. Had it really been that long? Was it really almost one year ago that I purchased the really big upgrade?

Yes, it was. Almost 365 days ago.

The last few months of my life have been absolute chaos. So much has happened and I have done very little writing. I’m aghast that I even still have followers.

Are you out there?

***Listens intently to the sound of silence….

It’s my own fault really. I’ve been so consumed with life continuing on that I stopped writing. This happens often with my hand written journal. I’ll only write in it once every few months to give a overly generalized update of my life.

But my blog? My own personal space to rant, rave, and recollect stories? Why in the world would I or should I ever neglect this space?

The answer is this:

I got busy and didn’t care enough to make time to write.

Weekly I receive emails from people asking to submit guest posts to my blog. I should be thrilled to have such an honor! People view my blog as important enough to publish on it. But I have even been neglecting them. For goodness sake, I have an entire section of my website devoted to guest posts!!

Life went on, and so did I.

I have traveled this year and do not see myself stopping anytime soon. I have trips planned later this month, in November, December, January, AND February. But do you seen me mentioning any of those? Nope. I’ve just been chugging along leaving my writing in the dust.

So let’s catch up.

I’m going to make a solid commitment to sit down at LEAST three times a week and produce written work. The other days of the week, I want to create videos for each of you to see. I have SO many videos on my phone and laptop of my travels since April that desperately need to be shared.

I have stories to tell and photos to share.

Where has the time gone? I’m about to catch up with it all.

Stand back and watch.

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