How Things Fell Into Place

So y’all, I can FINALLY tell you what the next step for me is, but the story doesn’t go quite how you expect. It’s the story of how life fell into place.

Around May I began to look for another opportunity to go abroad. As many of you knew, I had taken the TEFL course over the start of the year and wanted to teach English abroad. My very first plan was to go to Vietnam this summer, but that died out when I took the job at the eye doctor’s office. The second plan was to go to Thailand in October and teach for a year there.

I was well on my way. I had applied and been accepted into the program. I had even paid my $500 down payment to reserve my place in the program. The company and I were in regular correspondence regarding visa requirements, TEFL qualifications, etc. I was going to Thailand.

Then I did something crazy.

I signed up for

It was the end of May and I wasn’t dating anyone. I wasn’t lonely really; I just wanted to meet new people and have fun. It’s difficult to do that in my hometown, so I branched out. Several guys contacted me, and I went on a couple of dates. Nothing too special.

Then at the end of June, I went on a date with this guy. He was pretty awesome. And when I came out that I was going to Thailand in October, he was nothing but excited for me. He told me about how he had traveled some of Europe and wanted to see more of the world. He was my type of guy.

About two weeks later, I got a phone call from my old boss at the museum in LaGrange, GA. He explained to me that the girl who took my job when I left was moving back to Florida. He asked if I would be interested in the position.

I was floored.

Never in my mind did I imagine they would offer me the job back. After a twenty minute talk with him, I sat down and thought about everything.

  • They didn’t need me to start until the end of September, which was perfectly when Matilda would be going back to Sweden.
  • It was more money than I am making at my present job and a lot more money than I would have been making in Thailand.
  • The job was for a position that they created for me in 2013 anyways. I knew what to do and how to do it.
  • I would still have the opportunity to travel internationally with the museum. Remember when I went to Israel last year? I went on a tour with them!
  • I would be moving back to LaGrange where, coincidentally, my boy friend lives!

It all made sense. It all fell into place perfectly. Since then, we had to move my start date up to August 11, but that’s not a big thing at all. So what I’m getting around to is that I’m not moving abroad again despite what my Instagram and Facebook has led you all to believe. That’s one of the main reasons I’ve taken such a long break from writing this summer. I wanted to make sure that I had my plans nailed down before I gave too much more away.

I’m moving to LaGrange, Georgia to take a curator position at the Explorations in Antiquity Center!!!

Isn’t it weird how sometimes things just fall into place?

πŸ™‚ MC

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  1. Cindy Cantrell

    In His time, he revealed His plan for you. While I know you would have been an awesome teacher in Thailand and you may fulfill that dream at some later time in your life I do think you are making a wise choice in going through the door that was opened for you.

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