Headed to Washington DC



Y’all, I have not been on a plane since I came home from Ireland. I am SO ready to fly somewhere. I’m ready to have the rush of a new city under my feet. I’m ready to breathe in the crisp winter air. I am so ready. I’M SO READY TO GO!

But first, we must plan. And by plan, I mean come up with a rough idea as to what I want to do, and then of course, only get a small portion of it actually done.

My hope is to do a video blog of 24 hours in DC because I will really only have Saturday to do the touristy stuff. Sunday, Alex and I are going to a travel expo thing and I’m not entirely sure how much of the day that will take up.

So, these are the things I would like to try to do while in DC.

United States Capitol

National Museum of Natural History

The White House

Lincoln Memorial

Washington Monument

All the Monuments (lol)

National Archives

ONE of the Smithsonians


Our family took a road trip to DC when I was going into my senior year of high school, so I’ve really already done most of the stuff in Washington. If it’s not listed above, it’s because we already did it and I know there’s no way to fit in a second time in this trip.

I’m planning to meet up with friends from college and some friends from Ireland as well. I CANT WAIT!!!

Is there anything you would suggest as a must do if I only have 24 hours in DC?!

Please let me know!!!

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  1. We spent a whole week in D.C. in December and I felt like we saw NOTHING! We did two evenings at the zoo for Zoolights (we have a toddler), a day in Georgetown, a Capitol Tour and a visit to the National Air & Space Museum and Postal Museum. The Postal Museum was empty, I guess nobody cares about mail πŸ™‚ It was just too cold and windy to walk to the memorials and I really regret not seeing them. Georgetown was lovely though!

  2. If you have a choice at Smithsonian’s…go to the American History one or Air and Space. Both very very cool. I also highly recommend eating at Pizzeria Paradiso in Georgetown and get some bar snacks as an appetizer. They have such good food!

  3. The air and space museum is definitely worth a visit! And I really like the bureau of engraving (where they print money) and they give a good tour.

  4. I remember Georgetown being wonderful! I joked to my parents that I wasn’t going to go to Auburn anymore but to Georgetown for college. Hahaha little did I know there would be NO WAY my grades would be good enough to get in. Hahaha oh well

  5. Oh I love good pizza places!!! We did Air and Space last time I was there. It was so cool how they had all of the planes everywhere. I think I’ll look into the American History one for sure! πŸ™‚

  6. Thank you!! I hadn’t thought to go to the mall at night! That will make for an entirely different experience. especially since the last time I was there it was the middle of the day in July…. Hot, crowded, and horrible lol

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