Remember my Bible study leader Tony who lived in Mexico? Well, he is currently trying to cross the border back into Mexico. Read the email he sent me early this morning on waiting while traveling.

Waiting is a painful yet crucial part of traveling
I do not like to wait. My patience runs thin when I have to wait for too long. What is too long? 5-6 minutes. Argh! Let’s go!

However, waiting is a crucial part of traveling. Sometimes we have to wait on a plane that is arriving late, a bus that is not on schedule or a friend that simply forgot to set their alarm and overslept. And so we must wait and wait. It’s part of travel.

Right now I am waiting and waiting and waiting. I am waiting to travel into a country, Mexico, that is having some problems. I would love to walk over the border right now and eat a few tasty tacos from a taqueria. But I must wait until things calm down a bit. I would love to go over and visit my old friends and see their new baby or play guitar with a buddy or drink a Mexican coca cola in the glass bottle. I just want to go hang out with mis amigos. But I wait.

Years ago on my second trip to Mexico back in December of 1997 I flew into the Mexico City airport with my 8 year old daughter and a young college student friend of mine. My friend an older missionary friend named Gil was late coming to pick us up. It was around midnight when we arrived and my daughter was so tired that she simply collapsed from exhaustion and snored as she slept lying on top of a mountain of baggage the three of us had brought. I strongly urged my buddy Adrian to guard my daughter at all costs while I paced back and forth in the airport of Mexico City the largest city in the world. I even remember telling Adrian, ‘Do not let anyone steal my daughter. They can have every bag we own but not my daughter. Okay?’ He sleepily agreed.

I learned a few things about traveling that night. One lesson, it’s best not to travel late at night and arrive in a major airport at midnight. Just not too wise.

Two, travel lightly. When I glanced over at our mountain of baggage and my 8 year old kid sleeping atop them I realized we had too much stuff.

Three, if you travel you must wait at times for a friend to pick you up. Be patient. Realize traffic is beyond human control. Only God can determine traffic flow and even God sometimes wonders why we humans drive so horribly.

Four, while you wait take a deep breath and relax. Breathe in. Breathe out. It’s going to be okay. Relax and calm down. Pray if you believe in God. Eat chocolate if you are a chocolate lover. Read a good book. Take a nap on your luggage like my daughter did. But simply relax and enjoy the scenery. Life is too short to stress out over a late bus, plane, taxi or friend. Breathe in. Breathe out. It’s going to be just fine.

Well, I am still waiting to get into Mexico. I’m on day three and I will keep waiting and while I wait I think I will have another cup of coffee, eat another nice meal, tell another corny joke, read another good book, and maybe take another siesta.
Enjoy your waiting because in that time some of the best memories of life can be made like watching your 8 year old daughter sleeping peacefully on top of Mount Luggage in the largest city on the face of the earth.


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