Falling Off the Social Spectrum

Hey y’all!

Sorry for the kind of absence. And by absence, I mean the quite literal disappearance from all forms of social media and blog. Those of you who have met me in person know that I can be a little, shall we say, ADD? Haha! Sometimes I get super sidetracked (as I very openly admitted in my Writing Process post). I didn’t even post on Twitter or Instagram for DAYS. Y’all, that’s not ok. So here’s to hoping I get back on the wagon wheel and go back to churning out proper posts and talking to y’all on social like I’m supposed to.


I got a job! Like, a big girl, full-time, gotta go everyday type job. It’s in an eye doctor office here in town, and I’ll be selling glasses which is super cool because I just bought my first pair of glasses ever from there last month.

I got glasses!! :D
I got glasses!! πŸ˜€

I had been kind of frustrated (kind of is being kind. I was pissed.) not being able to find a steady job, so I’m extremely thankful to have this chance. I’ll have money!! Wooo hoo!

So what’s coming up for Travel Morgan Travel?

Well, my family and I will be making a trip to Orlando, Florida over the New Year to watch Auburn play in the Outback Bowl. I’m not kidding when I tell y’all that I love football. Be looking out for some good stuff from that trip. After that, I don’t really know when or where I’ll be traveling to next. There’s still plans to use my TEFL come July, and I would love to get to Ireland in the spring to visit friends. But with the new job, I don’t know how much I can commit to those things.

It really sucks to be a big person and have bills and student loans and stuff that I have to pay back. Why does being an adult have to suck so bad?

That’s the question to ponder.

Anyways, I’ve gotta go work on all of the other stuff I’ve put off in the last week.

Peace, love, and travel


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  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!! Big person life sucks sometimes, but as soon as you have that loan paid off (or at least a nice chunk of it paid back!) the sense of relief is amazing. I have paid a third of mine so far – I like to look at my loan like a pie chart and see it visually get smaller and smaller hehe πŸ™‚ Welcome back! I missed your blogs! X

  2. Felicidades! Big person life scares me, I’ll enjoy college while I can. Plan your Ireland trip for February 28th-March 7th! My rugby squad and I will be there touring, including Galway, Dublin, and Cork!

    Keep it up! Cheers

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