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  1. Dana

    I have half of my working holiday authorization approved with the Irish Consulate in Chicago. Now I just need to provide proof of a round-trip ticket and medical insurance. How did you buy your ticket, since you can’t buy a ticket a year in advance and have to provide them proof of a round-trip ticket, not just one-way? I don’t want to come back to the U.S. for any portion of my year in Ireland. And I just called Aer Lingus and they said there is a $150 fee for changing a date on an international ticket, but you cannot change it after a year from the purchase. I am planning on leaving in early December and need to buy the ticket very soon. So that would only bring me to September of next year, when if I leave early December, I would have permission to stay until December. I am just wondering how you navigated this gray area of getting the visa and staying in the country.

  2. Hi!! I only just now got back on my blog. I’ve taken some serious time off. Oops haha I actually bough two tickets. I bought the initial ticket out as far as I could and then I used it to come home and visit and then just bought another ticket. I never really looked into the date change option. :/

  3. Gabby D

    One of the requirements of getting the WHA is that you must be enrolled in college/university full-time prior to going to Ireland OR you must have graduated within the last 6 months before going to Ireland…were YOU already graduated or were you still in school and took a hiatus when you went to Ireland? I’m wondering because I’m trying desperately to live in Ireland for an extended period and this is the only viable option I can see…however I’m not currently enrolled in college/university but I was previously, I’m just taking a hiatus for a while.

  4. kathryn

    Hey there! Just wondering what you ended up doing. I just got approved from the Irish consulate in Chicago and have run into the same problem.

    I found out that Aer Lingus offers something called Economy Flex Fare – fully refundable tickets. My plan is to buy one for as far out as possible, then cancel it once I’m in Ireland for the refund, and then eventually purchase my actual return ticket.

    Is this Economy Flex fare new or something? Anyway – interested in hearing what you have to say. Thanks!

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