That Time I Was the Only American at a Swedish Party

Notice the Red Dress
Notice the Red Dress


  1. Cider.
  2. Walk in the door, greeted by fifteen really good-looking guys.
  3. Everyone is speaking Swedish.
  4. Hi, nice to meet you _____. (Never gonna remember that name.)
  5. Cider.
  6. Why does everyone have their shoes off? Should I have my shoes off?
  7. But I planned my shoes specifically….
  8. Oh it’s rude to have them on? Oh.. Ok….
  9. Crap. There are holes in the toes of my tights. Crap!
  10. Matilda!!! Help me.
  11. I am in only one in a color. Everyone else is in black or navy. CRAP!
  12. American in red. AMERICAN IN RED!
  14. Cider.
  15. You have to be by me. I don’t speak Swedish.
  16. Wait, what is this? Is it like potato salad? Ok…
  17. Cheers! Skål! Happy Birthday (Guy I don’t know…)!!!
  18. Speech!! Speech!!!!
  19. Yes, I’m from the States. No, I am not a Yank. Do not call me that.
  20. Wake me up when I’m older!
  21. Dance, dance, dance!
  22. Cotton Eye Joe (In its natural habitat written by Swedes).
  23. Snapchat!!!!!
  24. No, you do not speak better English than me.
  25. What the food froze?! Shit it’s cold out there.
  26. Cider.
  27. Snapchat!!
  28. Dance, dance, dance!!
  29. A little bit slower now…
  30. Sit, sit, sit.
  31. Sleepy, sleepy, yeah I’m having a great time!
  32. God how do they have that much energy?
  33. Come on Morgan. The ride’s here.


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