Yet Another Bee Story

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So, remember the last time a bee attacked me? Well, he has come back for his revenge. Matilda and I were walking back to the flat after a nice lunch and some afternoon shopping. We were laughing and cutting up … Continue reading

On the Words of Forrest Gump: $#!@ Happens


“…Whoa! Man! Just ran through a big pile of dog shit!!” “It happens.” “What? Shit?” “Sometimes.” There ya have it. Shit happens. Shit happens to everyone at any point in the date and to various levels of shitty. (Ok Ma, … Continue reading

5 Places I Long to Visit Again


People are always asking me, “Which place has been your favorite?” But I have no way to answer that!! Every place is my favorite for different reasons. Of course, I do have places that I want to go to again … Continue reading

Sliabh Liag: an Irish Hidden Gem

Sliabh Liag - Europe's highest sea cliffs in Co. Donegal

Driving the northern route of the Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland gave me one of the best surprises. My friend, Ryan, and I drove along watching for road signs pointing out interesting viewpoints or scenic routes along the western coast … Continue reading

Thoughts You Have in a Year Abroad


Pre Year Abroad: On the outside I’m all like, “Oh you know. Just gonna go travel and work for a year.” On the inside I’m all like, “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” Weeks 1-2: Oh my God!!!!!!!! … Continue reading

On Being Sick While Traveling

Here I am wearing my sweater wrapped up in bed sick as a dog before 7.00pm :(

There is nothing worse than waking up the morning of a new adventure only to feel like death. I wish I could say this didn’t happen to me often, but it does. On more than ten occasions, I’ve woken up … Continue reading

Packing for an Irish Road Trip

GPO and Ice Cream

Tomorrow is the day that Ryan and I take off on a 6-day/5-night road trip around Ireland. We have a kind of plan, and hostle reservations for each night. But seeing as how I am a well traveled person who always plans ahead … Continue reading

On the Words of Forrest Gump: The Decision

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“That day, for no particular reason, I decided to go for a little run.” When Forrest says this line, he is referring to the time when he decided to take a jog not knowing that he would end up on a … Continue reading

8 Reasons to do a Working Holiday

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1. Work in a foreign country. Americans can get a working holiday to Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.  Most people enter the business world with a college degree, work experience, and references. But what most people don’t have is working experience … Continue reading