The Travel Item I Haven’t Talked About Yet

London, England

My LL Bean book bag was one of the greatest investments ever. I remember when Mama bought me that book bag the summer before my senior year of high school presently six years ago. I didn’t even want the thing! … Continue reading

The End of Summer

Santa Rosa, Florida - 2011

It is with great sadness that I must tell y’all that summer has ended in Ireland. It’s over, gone, and won’t be back until next July. The weather is turning cold again causing my mind to drift to warmer places. … Continue reading

TBT: Tromsø, Norway Part 1


Have you ever been to a place and just fallen in love with it? Like, wandering through the streets, looking around at the unique architecture and distant mountains? I have. Earlier this year I traveled to Tromsø, Norway, a town situated … Continue reading

3 Words That Have a Different Meaning in Ireland


Irish people speak English, but that does not mean that Americans and Irish speak the same language. Countless words are used in their everyday vocabulary that is used in America, but the words take on an entirely different meaning in … Continue reading

65 Thoughts I Have on my Day Off


 Ugh. Sunshine. Gross. What time is it? 8.47am? Curse you job and your early mornings. Back to sleep. What time is it now? 9.52am? Guess I’m up. To get out of bed or not? … Not. Let’s read a book. … Continue reading

Ordering Food in Brussels

Bruges, Belgium

Walking into the restaurant, Marian, Sarah and I looked around with a hope that someone would come seat us. Neither sign was posted saying, “Please wait to be seated,” nor was there anyone bustling over to the three very lost … Continue reading

Why I Want to Live Abroad Again

Dun Laoghaire

Moving to a new place is never easy. It is difficult and presents challenges you did not know were possible.  Sometimes you struggle to make new friends or you have difficulty fitting into the new workplace. The literal move itself is never easy! Moving town … Continue reading

Villages on a Hilltop


My sister and I visited Nice, France one weekend in June and explored the surrounding area.  Payton and I wanted to see more than just a beach. We wanted mountains, and cliffs, and little villages. That’s exactly what we got. … Continue reading

The Truth of Why I Haven’t Written

Bray, Ireland

I haven’t posted anything on here since July 12, and in the last week, I’ve had several people ask me why I wasn’t posting. Well, the truth is that I have nothing good to write about. If you read my … Continue reading