Eze, France

Èze, France

I’m a travel addict and chocoholic. A twenty-something American girl living in Dublin, Ireland.

My love affair with travel began at an early age. My family and I have taken countless road trips across America, and I went on my first trip to Europe at age 13. I remember coming home and telling my parents, “I need a burger, and when I can I go back?” Since then, I have not been able to separate myself from the world outside of the United States.

Travel came into my life, and it was never the same again.

In college, I studied European History, which further my loved for this region of the world. Thousands of years of history comes from this tiny continent, and its history has greatly shaped the world we see today. As a history student, I spent several late nights in the library reading books and writing about the historical significance of these places. I cannot express to you the awe that overcomes a history geek like myself to stand in front of the Tower of London, look out over the Mediterranean Sea, or walk the ancient streets of Jerusalem.

Mid 2013, I made the shocking decision to quit my job and move to Ireland. I was going through a difficult time and wanted a change. Ireland seemed to be the perfect solution to my problems. Fast forward a few months to September 2013, I arrived in Dublin, Ireland, and my life was forever changed. I fell in love with this little green island. The people are amazing, the landscape is breathtaking, and the beer pours smoothly. Words cannot describe how much I love Ireland.

I have lived in Ireland for a year, and in that time, I have traveled to over ten different countries. In my time abroad, I began this blog to record my adventures for both people at home and myself. At some stage though, people began to read my blog, and I started to write more for them than I did myself. Photographs, videos, music, and word documents flood my laptop as I try to cram it all onto my blog to share with y’all.

Writing about living and traveling abroad was never something I imagined myself doing, neither in my free time as a hobby nor as a career. It has slowly taken over my life, but I would never complain about it. It’s so much fun to be able to share my experiences with people all over the world. My only hope is that with every photo and story I share that I inspire one person to hop on a plane and go experience the world.

Travel really is the only thing that makes us richer.

Please have a click around, read some stuff, and enjoy.

<3 :) MC

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