Top 10 Best Views

Over looking Monte Carlo

1. Jerusalem, Israel from the Mt. of Olives I have never been so moved by a view as I was from this one. Looking out over the rolling hills and square buildings of this ancient city took my heart. To … Continue reading

The Home Stretch

Bray, Ireland

1. The portion of a racetrack from the last turn to the finish line. 2. Informal The final stages of an undertaking. I am on the home stretch of my life in Ireland. Yesterday marked nine months in this country, and that means that I only have three left to go. I am shocked that nine months have flown by like … Continue reading

Things That Get Me Pumped About Travel


We all have those things that inspire us to get out there and see the world. These are mine. Books Sihpromatum – I Grew My Boobs in China by Savannah Grace This is a true story account of a 14-year-old girl … Continue reading

Colors of Europe

Old Town, Monaco

Earlier today, I saw a post on the BuzzFeed where they showed pictures of some of the most colorful places around the world. It got me to thinking about some of the most colorful places I have seen in my … Continue reading

Moved to Tears at Buckingham Palace

The picture my sister was able to catch of me with the bee.

by a BEE! Recently my family and I visited London for my second time and their first.  It was a fantastic trip full of walking, sight seeing, and good food. We went to Buckingham Palace to watch the Changing of … Continue reading

Golden Rule of Travel: Be Flexible – Part Deux


I wrote a post on what I consider to be the Golden Rule of Travel back in January. In that post, I discussed the importance of being flexible while on the road. Things go wrong all the time and most … Continue reading

Gap Year: Yes or No?

Blarney, Castle, Ireland

  I should begin with the fact that this post is based strictly on my experiences and opinions, and the experiences I have heard about from friends also on this path. My Gap Year was not the conventional one. It … Continue reading

First Time Traveler vs Experienced Traveler


First Time Traveler : Ahhh!!! I am SO pumped! Paris!! London!! AMSTERDAM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Experienced Traveler : Paris, London, Amsterdam! Wooo…. I mean, Yay!!! FTT : My Passport is gonna be loaded with stamps! Come at me customs! ET : I am coming here to visit. … Continue reading

Getting to London


In the last few hours since leaving Dublin, my mama was searched twice, we lost my dad, and saw people “even Hell would refuse.” Goodness y’all. It’s been an adventure. Mama was searched twice while trying to get through the … Continue reading

Things You Hear on Your Parent’s First Day in Ireland

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

1. “Why am I blinking? I used to never blink.” – Jet lagged Dad on why he can’t keep his eyes open. 2. “That’s just the fashion Dad.” – Payton explaining skinny jeans. 3. ” The hair dryer looked like … Continue reading