8 Reasons to do a Working Holiday

ireland - friends

1. Work in a foreign country. Americans can get a working holiday to Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.  Most people enter the business world with a college degree, work experience, and references. But what most people don’t have is working experience … Continue reading

Road Tripping Ireland

Cliffs of Moher

So last night, my friend Ryan and I sat down with our MacBooks and planned our trip to Donegal. It started off as a simple, “Let’s take the bus over to Donegal and Sligo” turned into a flown blown road trip. We … Continue reading

On the Words of Forrest Gump: Shoes

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“My momma always said you can tell a lot about a person by their shoes, where they go, where they’ve been.” – Forrest Gump Shoes are part of everyday life. If you don’t have shoes, your feet could freeze, burn, get … Continue reading

On the Words of Forrest Gump: A Preview

forrest gump - picture - post - series

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to periodically post on the words of Forrest Gump. For anyone who has seen this movie, you know all the quotable lines. “Can’t sit here.” “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never … Continue reading

Feeling 22

me - home - birthday

My birthday TOMORROW, August 29th, and I’ll  be turning 23!!!  With the arrival of another birthday and the passing of another year, I am forced to look back on the one that’s just gone. I cannot believe that I’ve spent … Continue reading

The Cantrell’s Take Europe Part 2

Tower Bridge

The next morning we set out to take London. After another trek through the Tube, we arrived close to Trafalgar Square and awed at the massive lion statues. In the distance through the towering buildings, Mama spied Big Ben. “Look!” … Continue reading

The Cantrell’s Take Europe Part 1

Payton and I

My parents arrived in Dublin early on a June Thursday morning. I had to work, so my sister, who had come back to Ireland with me a week earlier, met them at the hotel. At noon we met for lunch, … Continue reading

Favorite Restaurants in Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

1. Bunsen If you like greasy American style burgers, this is the place for you. The menu is on the back of a business card, and their menu consists of a choice in burger with or without cheese and sweet potato … Continue reading

The Travel Item I Haven’t Talked About Yet

London, England

My LL Bean book bag was one of the greatest investments ever. I remember when Mama bought me that book bag the summer before my senior year of high school presently six years ago. I didn’t even want the thing! … Continue reading

The End of Summer

Santa Rosa, Florida - 2011

It is with great sadness that I must tell y’all that summer has ended in Ireland. It’s over, gone, and won’t be back until next July. The weather is turning cold again causing my mind to drift to warmer places. … Continue reading