Road Tripping to Louisiana


Hey y’all! A week ago today, I took off on an eight hour road trip out to Louisiana by myself! I decided to video myself some while on the trip. Check it out here!! ;)  

Cooking in Ireland

Bray, Ireland

Here’s one of my old columns! Hope you enjoy! —- “Hey Mama, do you happen to know what half a cup is in grams?” I asked my mother on FaceTime. Mama responded with, “No, I don’t. They don’t use cups … Continue reading

Four States, One Day

louisiana - usa

Starting in Louisiana, I’m going to Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Texas today! Be sure to follow me on Twitter and Instagram @morganbcantrell for updates!! I’ll be back in Georgia tomorrow night! <3 MC

On the Words of Forrest Gump: Going Home

ireland - sunset - roadtrip

“I’m pretty tired. I think I’ll go home now. And just like that, my runnin’ days was over, so I went home to Alabama.” – Forrest Gump So I am currently sitting in Dublin Airport waiting for the time to … Continue reading

Beginning of the End

Samuel Beckett Bridge, Dublin

It is Sunday morning. I leave for America tomorrow. I still have to pack my room and say goodbye to a my closest friends. Bring on the final 24 hours. Dublin, you are mine today. With all the love in … Continue reading

I moved to Dublin and fell in love.

Four Courts, Dublin

One year ago, I hopped off an Aer Lingus flight, piled giant suitcases into a taxi, and sped off into the early Dublin day. I had no idea what adventures awaited me, who I would meet, or what my lunch was going … Continue reading

Favorite Places to Visit in Ireland

Ireland - roadtrip

This is a list of my favorite places to visit in Ireland. Some of the places are entire counties while others are towns. The list is my own personal opinion, and I know I’ll step on a few toes by … Continue reading