Steps in Picking Where to Go Next

Looking up at a Redwood

So you’re thinking of going on a trip but you don’t know where to? Well, this is my thought process. Hopefully it will be of some help to you! Step 1. Close your eyes and imagine yourself somewhere.  Where were you? … Continue reading

Starting the TEFL Course

Tromso, Norway

To kind of give everyone a rather GIANT hint as to what my next plan will be, I’m letting y’all know that today, December 1, I am beginning the TEFL course. I’m REALLY excited about what the next few months … Continue reading

Little White House

The Little White House

Yesterday my dad and I took a Daddy-Daughter Day Out and went adventuring here in Georgia. One of the things we went to see, was the Little White House. It’s probably exactly what you’re thinking. The “little” White House? Yeah! Built … Continue reading

A Traveler’s Thank You Note

Looking over the French Alps to the Mediterranean

With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I thought I would write a thank you note from the perspective of a traveler to the things that make these experiences possible. Dear Mom and Dad, Technology, Reader, and God, I wanted to take a moment … Continue reading

Thinking about Turkey

Wanting blue waters and sandy white beaches? Looking for some sailing and deep relaxation? What about exploring ancient cultures? Have you thought about Turkey? I’m thinking about Turkey. Tour companies such as First Choice offer top-notch experiences around the world, … Continue reading

Day Tours: Yes, No, or Maybe

Highland Cow - pronounced Hee-lind Coo or Harry Coo

Travelers have differing view on day tours. Some people love them while other people loath them. I’m indifferent. If there is a day tour that’s worth the money and will show me aspects of a place that I otherwise wouldn’t … Continue reading

Music Moves Me

Over looking Monte Carlo

Everyday I look at WordPress’s Daily Post just in case it’s something related to travel or my life personally that I could write about. Today, the topic is called “Cue the Violins.” It asks, “If your life were a movie, … Continue reading